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Your staff need to work in an efficient well-lit environment and your customers, patients or students want to come in to an area that is practical and welcoming. High quality lighting is a commercial necessity, but it can come at a high cost. Energy prices are ever rising and the by-products of electricity generation are damaging our planet. 
But there is a new way to reduce these problems, a new way for all businesses and organisations to save energy, reduce maintenance, save costs and cut their carbon footprint. 
A new generation of Commercial LED lighting saves up to 70% of your existing energy costs. You can replace all types of existing old fashioned fluorescent and halogen lights with new LED equivalents and slash your energy bills. That doesn’t just help your finances, it helps the environment as well because power that isn’t being used doesn’t need to be generated. That impact on reducing your carbon footprint helps all of us to protect our planet. 
Best of all, the low running costs of LED lights, saving you money in both energy and maintenance, means that the cost of installation can be completely covered by your savings, so your investment can be nothing at all. 
Our clients seem to like that! 
Click here to listen to David Emslie of Novalux LED explaining how much money you can save by changing your lighting, in a recent interview by Sustainable Business Strategies. 
Let Novalux visit your premises and calculate how much money you can save 
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