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This is the point where eyes start to glaze over. There are many thousands of variations in lighting, and most people just don’t know where to start. Novalux have at least 50 core products available, each in dozens of variations, so it’s pretty difficult to be sure that you’re specifying the right combination. But the good news is, you don’t need to worry about the detail, that’s what we do. 
Just let us come and visit your site, we’ll check exactly what lights you’re currently running, we’ll check that the light levels are adequate or if they need improving, then we’ll go away and design an alternative system to meet your needs. 
We’ll calculate your existing electrical spend, show you what we will replace that with and how much your savings will be. Broadly, we have LED lights to replace every version of commercial lights that currently exist, including office ceiling panels, retail spotlights and down lighters, industrial hibays for the roof of a factory or warehouse, outdoor floodlights and waterproof fittings for car parks or farm sheds. 
If that’s already too much detail, just leave it to us. 
But if you really want to see our product datasheets, please just ask us. 
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